Stop Smoking

Why do you still smoke? 

That’s likely to be a question you get asked over and over again by family and friends who care about you. How does that question make you feel? There are probably a hundred and one different answers to that one question. Nobody gives up smoking because other people want them to, you can only give up smoking successfully when you really want to for your own reasons, and because it’s the right time in your life to do it and you really want to succeed. 

So why do you smoke? Together, you and I can explore all the things that have happened in your past that have prevented you from stopping, or encouraged you to continue. Only then, can we work together to help you become a life-long ex-smoker.

Using hypnotherapy combined with other techniques drawn from a range of integrative therapies, I can tailor a Stop-Smoking Therapeutic approach that is designed especially for you which will work more effortlessly that you could ever imagine. 

You will have two appointments, about a week apart, and on the second appointment you will walk away knowing that cigarettes are no longer a part of your life. You will also know that, at any time in the next 12 months, you can come back at any time for a free-of-charge top up refresher session. 

Please don’t ring me because your friends and your family are telling you to. Ring me because you want to. Because you deserve this for you. 

 Malcolm Cooper 2014